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IP67 controller programming button with connection cable for all models.

Compatible with the following products:
36V Controller Replacement Kit: Trial & Cross Hero: KIT-CON36Cross 3kW, 12" Moto tires: ASB-CROSS002Start 1kW, 12" Bicycle tires: ASB-START003Throttle: Trial and Cross: ASE-UN0011-1Throttle Control: Freerider: ASE-FR0018-1Trial 3kW, 16" Bicycle tires: ASB-TRIAL000324V Controller replacement kit for Start : KIT-CON24Cross Hero 3kW, 12" Moto tires: ASB-CRHERO001Trial Hero 3kW, 16" Bicycle tires: ASB-TRHERO001Freerider Street 4kW, 20" Bicycle tires (Homologated): ASB-FRS5Creerider Street 4kW, 24" Bicycle tires (Homologated): ASB-FRS6DCross Hero 3kW, 12" Moto tires, Li-Ion: ASB-CRHERO003Trial Hero 3kW, 16" Bicycle tires, Li-Ion: ASB-TRHERO002